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Ashland Mural Walk

Picturesque Harbors


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 We go from one marvelous harbor to another. Conde Nast Traveler has named Bayfield as one of “The 23 Best Places to Go in the US in 2023.” The city is amazing as its population is below 600. The harbor opens up to the magic of  Lake Superior and the Apostle Islands. The city is enchanting and charming. The Chamber of Commerce has coined the phrase, “Where the water meets the soul.” I have visited Bayfield a number of times. I do not tire of it. I always find something new to me and always enjoy these discoveries. Last time, I found a small coffee and ice cream shop in the town center. I had some of both and sat in the park overlooking the bay, captivated by the beauty and wonder of it all. I took the ferry to Madeline Island. As an aside, I thought Madeline Island was in Bayfield County, only to learn it is in Ashland County. While there, I drove over to Big Bay State Park and walked along the shoreline boardwalk. Regrettably, I have not been to the other Apostle Islands I need to do that. I have learned that 18 of the 22 Apostle Islands are in Ashland County as well. I delight in walking around the city, going into the shops, and dining at the many restaurants. I have stayed at several hotels. I confess that the Rittenhouse Inn always lures me back When you want to get out of town, go out and visit the rest of Bayfield County. Drive up to Red Cliff. explore to the north on the smaller roads, and make your way over to Cornucopia and Port Wing to the west.

Wisconsin’s City by the Bay

Ferry to Madeline Island

A beautiful bay even in winter

Get lazy in the city center

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