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 I recall the first time I visited Cornucopia. I thought, ha, what a crazy place. It is on the shore of Lake Superior, in a small bay called Siskiwit. Many know the town as “Corny.” I like that. On my first visit, I thought it was on old beat-up place that did not merit nay attention. Then I got out of my car and walked around. I ended up being fascinated why the place. Many of the buildings indeed are old. Some present the image of an old sea-town. There are a few very old Lake Superior boats parked on just above the beach. At the time I knew very little about such boats, so this was a good learning experience. People have occupied the old buildings and are working hard to make a go of their business. The harbor has two inlets, one for marina boats, the other for boats used by Halvorson’s Fisheries.  Halvorson’s has been fishing the waters of Lake Superior for 40 years. Whitefish is the mainstay of its catch. I recommend going  inside their building to watch them work with the day’s catch. the Good Earth Shop is now the Corny Fish Shed, a small, family-owned tapshack . They have modified the building a little, but the basic structure still stands. It took a few oboists before I discovered Corny has a downtown!

Cornucopia Harbor

Halvorson’s Fisheries Jackie II

Now called the Corny Fish Shed with some building modifications

Inside Halvorson’s

I never did figure this place out!

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