Wisconsin Countryside

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Explore the Stunning Beauty of the Wisconsin Countryside through my Photography

Wisconsin is divided into five Geographic Provinces, each of which presents a wide variety of landforms. lean toward the beauty of the Western Upland and Eastern Ridges & Lowlands Provinces. The former lies in the Driftless Area of the state, untouched by glaciers, rugged and hilly. The latter was exposed to the glacier, which carved out a lowland between two long north-to-south ridges, one of which is the Niagara Escarpment.

The other three geographic provinces are: Northern Highland, once mountains, now worn down by the glaciers and erosion; Lake Superior Lowland; and the Central Plain, a flat sandy plain.

“You can observe a lot just by watching”

Yogi Berra

Contour farming artistry near Blair in Trempealeau County
Barn in the Montana Ridge valley
Church in the field

Artistry of Contour farming                                                                      Outpost in  Montana Valley                                                                        Distant church in a sea of crops

Contour farming artistry near Blair in Trempealeau County
Ole Aase's Farm near Mondovi
Miller Time barn near Potosi

Descending Turner Valley Road                                                             Ole Aase’s Farm                                                                                               Miller Time in Caledonia

Mondeaux Flowage near Westboro
Cattle sauntering in the creek in Cooke Valley
Eagle Bay in area of Raspberry Point

     Mondeaux Flowage                                                                                                            Follow me in Cooke Valley                                                       Eagle Bay in area of Raspberry Point

Timm's Hill near Ogema, the highest elevation in Wisconsin
Iowa County Harvest
Barn tucked in the valley below Montana Ridge

    Timm’s Hill, the state’s highest                                                         Iowa County harvest                                                                                       Found in the corn field near Modena

This photo says it all about Wisconsin's Western Upland
A look down the ridge in Trempealeau

Upland scene                                                                                                               A look down the ridge in Trempealeau                                    Up on the Montana Ridge

Ecological jewel at the Lion's Den
Big Falls in Waupaca

Grapes at the foot of Niagara Escarpment                                     An “ecologic jewel” at the Lion’s Den                                                         Big Falls

Confluence of Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers
Cliffs at dusk on Hwy 60 along Wisconsin River
Beautiful weather pattern near Shawano

      Wisconsin River flowing toward Old Blue                                     A ride at dusk along the Wisconsin River                                      Weather pattern in Shawano

Portage Canal that once linked the Fox River to the Wisconsin River
 Rough old, small barn standing on the Eau Pleine
Old barn, tried and true

Portage Canal                                                                                                      Standing on the Eau Pleine                                                                  The old barn, tried and true

Classic red barn and the risng cornfield near Lodi
Hapy orchard near Sturgeon Bay

The classic red barn, corn rising                                                           A happy orchard near Sturgeon Bay                                                     Northern Highlands from the Lowland

  A Chippewa River beach                                                                                          The rock just pops up, Grant County                                          The stream cuts through

The Fox River floods                                                                                     The cattle rest                                                                                                   Gathering the logs for winter

That Wisconsin Red Barn & the Moraine                                       Glacial River Trail Bridge                                                                                    A Wisconsin butte

 In the Severson Coulee                                                                                        Soup’s on Darlington                                                                                   Timber Coulee fishing

  Abandoned schoolhouse                                                                           The hunting blind                                                                                                   Wisconsin River in fall

       Ginseng crop                                                                                                     Flopping in the breeze                                                                                    The Plumeria of spring

       On their way to dinner                                                                          The cranberry crop                                                                                          Cedarburg covered bridge

 Ridge along the Mississippi                                                                         Flopping in the breeze                                                                              Walk in Eagle Valley

  Working the field                                                                                            “Roman Ruins” of Cascade                                                                               The hills of Vernon County

Rail line on the Mississippi

          Rail line on the Mississippi                                                                        Corn ready for harvest at the bluff                                                        Logs piled by the track

  Horses grazing in open pasture                                                             Small red barn on Irwin Coulee Rd                                                           Look mom, the frost

   The church rises from East Bennett Valley                                   Historic farm buildings in the coulee                                                       Harvest time in the Upland              

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