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Wisconsin through My Eyes

Wisconsin has offered me the chance to snap photographs of things that touch me in some important way, a way important to me. A photographic image freezes a moment in time. Alfred Stieglitz, an American photographer who advocated photography as an art form, once said, “In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” 

 This is my photographic gallery. These are my favorite photos.  I am proud of these photos. They express my sentiments, my awareness, and, in some instances, my reverence about things Wisconsin. They enable me to touch Wisconsin, my way of making contact with it.

I hope you find something here that touches you.

 Ed Marek

         The artistry of contour farming                                 Down on Turner Valley Road                                        Majesty in the Valley

 “Horses make the landscape look beautiful”                           Ole Olson’s farm                                              Red barn on Iwins Coulee Rd.

                            Blumenladen                                                    A stroll in the stream                                                  Above Holy Hill

                            Dells Mill                                                      Pizza at the Stone Barn                                            Gills Rock Harbor                                             

                            Port Washington                                               Fascinating Lift Bridge                                            Raspberry Beach                                            

                          Grafton Bikes                                                         Elkhart Lake                                                      Ledgestone Winery                                      

                      Historic High Bridge                                  Tucked in the corn on the ridge line                         There are some stories told here                                      

                      Lazy cattle day                                                     North Pierhead Light                                                   Bayfleid Harbor

                  Rogers Street Fishing Village                                  Grounds of Villa Louis                                               Old Pabst Warehouses

                      Adamski Sugar Bush                                                    Modena Scene                                                 Broken Saddle Ranch

                      Cranberry Harvest                                                 Church in the Fields                                                    Genesee Depot

                      A good idea at the time                                             Bring in the Harvest                                              Old Army Blockhouse