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    Gills Rock

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Gills Rock is in Door County, at the northern tip of the mainland, just west of Northport, where you can catch a ferry to Washington Island. Andrea, known on the internet as “Door County Mom,” describes it as “Door County’s Hidden gem … a quiet fishing village with Hedgehog  Harbor serving as its ‘downtown.’” I have visited most of the towns in Door County and enjoyed every one. Gills Rock, for me, provided a quiet respite from the bustling tourism of the other towns. Andrea underscores this feeling, writing, “Northern Door County has a personality that is much different from all the other wonderful towns that precede it on the drive up. There is no hustle and bustle, no long lines, no backed-up traffic, no fancy restaurants, no beaches filled with sun lovers sharing the waters with paddle boarders and swimmers. Those things are great fun, but … instead, there is a quiet cooperative with the land, sky, and water (at Gills Rock).” 

I confess I have not visited Gills Rock since 2012. I need to update my photos. I am confident, however, that it remains a beautiful place to visit. When you leave Gills Rock, drive up to Northpoint on Hwy 42.  You will travel on what’s known as the “Winding Road.” It is one of the most famous stretches of roads in the Midwest. Destination Door County says this: “The curves make for a beautiful picture, a fun drive, and the obvious question ‘why all the curves?’ One story has it that the road was constructed to weave around utility poles that originally went straight down the center of the road. “

The harbor

Dockside Fish Cleaning g Station

Harbor Light Inn

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