Wisconsin - Gone fishin’

Traveling through Wisconsin, whether in good weather or foul, summer or winter, I have seen many people fishing, mostly as a hobby, sometimes as a profession. I want to share some photos of what I have seen,in this gallery.

Wisconsin Public Television has produced a marvelous video,  “Gone Fishing,” aired in April 1999. I am going to echo some excerpts from the beginning. I commend the video to you — it is mezmerizing.

“Explore Wisconsin’s rich fishing culture … Wisconsin is a state defined by water. There are  thousands of lakes, miles of rivers, and streams. And with water comes fish, and fishing.  

“My grandfather took me out fishing. He loved to fish. He didn’t Care if he caught anything, as long as his line was in the water … It’s not the size of your catch that’s important. It’s the chance. Just being out here … The chance to forge connections, with friends, within families … The chance to forge connections with the natural world. 

“There is an old saying, ‘ I like fishing because of the places it takes you.’ Wisconsin is filled with those places.”