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Granite Peak - Fun in the Snow

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Rib Mountain in Wausau stands over the southwestern part of the city.  Rib Mountain State Park and the Granite Peak Ski Area are there. Rib Mountain is not a mountain. It is a ridge. It is a four-mile-long chunk of very old quartzite, one of the hardest rocks known to humankind.  The land around it has worn down faster than this quartzite ridge. That’s why Rib Mountain stands out so much. The skiing area is known as Granite Peak, an understandable name. It advertises as the oldest ski resort in Wisconsin, “kicking around since 1937.” Granite Peak’s longest run is almost a mile. It has over 60 runs, “the state’s only high-speed six pack with two additional high-speed quad chairlifts, 7 in total!” It also is open for night skiing. It’s worth noting that Granite Peak has melded in with Wausau City, Marathon County, and surrounding areas regarding lodging and restaurants. It is a total package. I do not ski. I did go out on a bright winter day to watch the skiers. I got a kick out of it, especially watching the skiers get aboard the lift. It took some care and attention to detail to climb on! 

Rib Mountain in winter

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