Fun Farm Friends - Cows


Wisconsin has seven breeds of cattle used by the Dairy industry. Let’s take a look at the Holstein.



Holstein cattle comprise about 90 percent of the dairy cows in the country. They are easy to recognize. Their black-and-white markings are distinctive.

They usually weigh about 1,500 lbs. and stand 58 inches tall at the shoulder. They produce a lot of milk, about 2,674 gallons each lactation.  Lactation is the period between a cow having one calf and then the next, roughly every 12 months in an ideal world. A cow’s standard lactation is said to be about 305 days. I am told all of this equates to about nine gallons of milk every day!

I rode out to a dairy the other day. It had about 500 Holsteins, all of which were in stalls, most of them eating. Here are some shots.