Abandoned - Highways 8 and 86

Art & Home is a business specializing in unique furniture and decor.  It’s writers have said:

“There’s something oddly romantic about the visual impact of abandoned homes. I suppose it’s similar, in some ways, to the fascination we have with shipwrecks. Although these homes have been left to decay for entirely different reasons than being sunk to the bottom of the ocean.

“Sometimes there is a history behind the abandonment, but often these once fine and noble homes are abandoned for reasons we may never know or understand, and perhaps that is part of the mystery that intrigues us.”

I like to go toward Ogema ad Timm’s Hill. Sometimes I will take Hwy 8, others Hwy 86. During November 2018, I noted an abundance, really a “treasure trove” of abandoned homes and vehicles. Let me show you what I mean

I have one caveat. Some of the places I show as abandoned might actually be in use for some reason — perhaps as a hunting rest stop for example.