Wisconsin - Old Time Schoolhouses

Joliet School

The Joliet School, officially “JT District No 1B Stanley & Barron,” is in Barron County, now located at the Pioneer Village Museum, operated by the Barron County Historical Society. It was located in the nearby Stanley Township. It was built in 1905 and closed in 1962.

This school was the first building to be moved to the museum site. The Pioneer Village Museum website says,

“The school included an enclosed stove oven so the children would not burn themselves. The school also had a small coat room for the children's clothing and food. Usually the room was split into a half for boys and a half for girls. Children attended the school from 1906-1962. Many of the pictures on the walls of the museum were of the presidents, especially President Washington.”

This school was on the west side of the Red Cedar River. The students on the east side of the river had to cross the river on a “hanging bridge,” said to be about two planks wide and suspended four feet above the river.